COVID-19 Resources from the Community

As we’ve worked to pull together our own COVID-19 tips and tools, the Prepared Parents community has rallied together to share more resources they are finding helpful during school closures, social distancing, and self-isolation.

We’ve curated the lists by type below, including educational, entertainment, media, and health and wellness resources, among others. Email us at to suggest resources your family is finding useful, and we’ll add them!

Educational Resources

Some schools have set digital learning curriculums during school closures, while others are strictly closed. That doesn’t mean your kid’s learning has to stop. Get inspired with these educational resources:

Media & Entertainment Resources

Being cooped up, everyone’s going to need some entertainment. Here are ideas for media and entertainment resources, made especially for kids.

  • Best media for kids, including movies, TV, books, games, websites, and music—all sortable by age (Common Sense Media)
  • PreK – 5th grade educational games for kids (
  • Podcasts for kids (PRX)
  • Family board games for all ages (Wirecutter)
  • Crafts to make with your kids (Highlights)

Outside Activity Resources

Although we’re social distancing and self-isolating, that doesn’t mean families must stay inside 24/7. There are safe ways to get some fresh air.

  • Getting outside while maintaing low-contact during the coronavirus pandemic (NPR)
  • Sports, how to keep your kids active now that extracurriculars are cancelled (The Aspen Institute)
  • 100 fun things to do in spring (Edventures)
  • 50 fund things to do outside with your family (Verywell Family)
  • Fun backyard activities for families (Buzzfeed)

Health & Wellness Resources

Whether you’re trying to understand how to explain the coronavirus to your kids, or you want to stay updated on coronavirus news, dig into these health and wellness resources as a baseline.

  • Coronavirus updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • How to stay physically and mentally healthy while the coronavirus has you stuck at home (TIME)
  • An even larger curated list of resources for staying emotionally and physically well (Turnaround for Children)
  • How to talk to kids about coronavirus (NYTimes Parenting)
  • Video: Why are schools being closed? (CBC Kids News)
  • Video: What is social distancing? (CBC Kids News)

Projects Resources

You may not have realized it before you began social distancing, but your home is a classroom. Everything we do at home can become a learning, hands on experience. The key is to turn them into projects. Here are some resources to get ideas flowing:

  • 7 project-based learning activities you can do at home (The Tech Advocate)
  • 50 ideas for project-based learning activities at home (TeachThought)
  • 30 parents share boredom busters (HuffPost)
  • 3 middle school projects that cultivate skills needed for adulthood (Summit Learning)

“Downtime is time to be exposed to new interests and to explore and pursue those interests.”

Diane Tavenner, Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life