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The Prepared approach helps kids build skills through real-world learning, self direction, positive relationships, and collaboration. But figuring out how to develop these habits in our children is a challenge for all of us. 

Prepared Parents makes bringing this approach into your home as simple as possible. We take common parenting situations and — based on leading psychology and research and learnings from nearly two decades of working with thousands of students  — offer a set of routines and activities you can build into your daily life.

Consistency and repetition are key to building new habits

Take the Prepared routines and make them your own.

Look back

Build reflection into your life.

What it is

Taking time to think about your day or week and consider obstacles encountered, what worked, and what didn’t.

Why it matters

Self-reflection helps us to better understand ourselves and how to learn from both successes and mistakes.

What it looks like

  • Dedicating time at the end of each day or week to discuss what happened, why it matters, and what, if anything, we would do differently.
  • Asking open-ended questions that encourage your child to think deeply about a specific situation — what did they want to happen? How did it make them feel?  
  • Helping your kids understand and explore the consequences of a choice they have made, and the ensuing result.

Think ahead

Set goals, big and small, and practice achieving them.

What it is

Being intentional about the future.

Why it matters

Looking forward and setting goals is a powerful skill-set that can be used across every part of life.

What it looks like

  • Starting each morning or week with time dedicated to anticipating what you need in order to be successful. 
  • Setting goals at home together with your kids and making plans to carry them out. 
  • Helping your kids practice self-direction: knowing when to shift strategies, seek harder challenges, and ask for help.

Seek purpose

Define what you care about and start pursuing it.

What it is

Developing a clear sense of purpose in our lives that motivates us and gives us direction.

Why it matters

Understanding what you care about and how you want to contribute to the world is critical to knowing your next steps.

What it looks like

  • Helping your kids understand their spark of energy, excitement or wonder and what it means. 
  • Encouraging questions and the seeking of new information and experiences.
  • Prompting your kids to further explore existing interests or curiosities and relate them back to learnings from school, their community, and the world.