Helping our kids to build the habits and skills that go hand-in-hand with living a fulfilled life

As parents, we spend countless hours helping our children learn to say their first word, take their first step, and read their first book. But when it comes to helping them make good decisions and become independent adults, the path isn’t always clear. Prepared Parents supports you in your day-to-day parenting, readying your kids to pursue the life they want to lead.

What does being Prepared look like?

Helping children discover their unique interests and talents that lead to a meaningful career

Teaching children to learn from their mistakes and experiences, and that setbacks are opportunities for growth

Supporting kids in making good decisions by helping them reflect on what they want, who they are, and what they care about most

Guiding children to set goals and make plans to achieve them—so that they learn to be independent

Helping kids understand that kindness takes many forms—including collaborating as a team to achieve shared goals

How do I start?


There’s a lot in our kid’s lives we can’t always control – from where our kids attend school to how much money we can put towards enrichment activities to the amount of family time we have together. Even still, as parents we will always do whatever we can to ensure our kids have a good life. Prepared Parents is about using our everyday interactions with our kids to build the skills and habits needed for a fulfilled life.